Joining the Shoppes at Hamlet Community 

Want to join the Community of The Shoppes at Hamlet? Great! Please complete the Business Compatibility Survey to see if we are a fit for your business.  Click below to complete the Business Compatibility Survey or to learn about important merchant information. If you believe that we are a good fit for your business, please fill out the commercial application as well.


Important Merchant Community Information

  • We ask that you join us in keeping the center clean and tidy. In your CAM charges there is a component for litter picking and emptying the garbage cans. We ask that you support this effort and help keep the front of your space neat and tidy.

  • To maintain the attractiveness of the center we ask that you maintain an orderly store front and not clutter the windows with unnecessary or outdated promotions.

  • CAM or Common Area Maintenance are the charges associated with operating the center on your behalf. Think of it as if your space was just standing there by itself, you would be responsible for things like; trash removal, litter removal, snow removal, lawn maintenance, real estate taxes, fire insurance, liability insurance and the general management of the space. That’s CAM. Its paid in addition to the base rental rate which is stated on a Per Square Foot (of psf) basis.
  • Sign space is available on the monument sign through special arrangements with ownership. Sign space is available to be mounted on your space. It would be at your expense, though we like to approve it to ensure its consistent with the theme of the center. And don’t be annoyed, Dover requires a permit.

  • General Liability Insurance is required of course which protects both of us, we can provide those requirements to you, but it is an important business element that you should be mindful of. Insurance cost varies depending upon your specific use so you should consult with your insurer in advance of making a decision. We require that you provide us with a General Liability (GL) policy that names us as additional insured and is paid one full year in advance. 
    Dover requires that you have a business license as you could imagine. This is
    different from your State of DE license. Go visit them rather than calling, you will
    have a better experience.

  • Water and electric are provided by The City of Dover. You will be responsible to transfer water and electric into your name. Dover is very helpful particularly when you visit them in person.

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